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  • Children and expatriation

    Children and expatriation

    • Expatriation can be defined as leaving one's home country to live in another country from a few months to a few years .
    • Expatriation to a developing country does not pose the same problems as expatriation to a 1st world country .
    • This presentation looks at families taking children under 10 years of age on expatriation .
  • The guide to vaccinations

    The guide to vaccinations

    It is estimated that 30,000 deaths of children and adults in the USA alone could be prevented each year if people were correctly vaccinated. Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved by vaccinations.

  • Coping with expatriation for a spouse

    Coping with expatriation for a spouse

    The number one reason for foreign assignment failure remains spousal and family discontent.

  • Spouses and security

    Spouses and security

    Spouses and families with children should only be sent to “safe” countries but in today’s world a country which is safe one month can become the scene of civil war or rioting the next month.